We now provide Minimelts Freezers which are ideal for children’s parties, corporate events, Bar and Bat Mitzvah’s and parties.

The Minmelts can be served loose so your guests can have a try of all of the great flavours or we can bring sealed tubs and serve them from usherette trays.

Minimelts come in a variety of flavours including vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, neapolitan, lemon sorbet, chocolate orange, Oreo cookies and cream, strawberry stardust, strawberry cheesecake, candy floss and mint chocolate.

Minimelts Freezer is part of our delicious Frozen Dessert Range. We also have a Minimelts Bar which serves up to 1,000 people suitable for larger events and our Ice Ccream Sundae bar and Ice Cream Tricycle.

If you hire the Minimelts Freezer a uniformed member of our team will be on hand to ensure its smooth running.

For more information on hiring our Minimelts Freezer please call us now on 020 8368 6961 or email jason@minimeltsevents.co.uk